Young people@GMACfilm

Young people are at the heart of GMAC Film. We believe that film is a powerful tool to build confidence, creativity and skills for life. That’s why we have a Youth Team of young advisers who meet monthly to consult and advise on what the youth programme should look like and how it should be delivered.

Our activities range from personal and creative development programmes to initiatives designed to support young, diverse talent to pursue a career in film.

We believe in equality of opportunity and that’s why all youth activities at GMAC Film are FREE. Everyone is welcome to take part.

This open door approach has led to a high number of participants from some of Glasgow’s most deprived communities and other marginalised groups taking part. As a result over 75% of young people at GMAC Film come from low income, minority ethnic, care experienced backgrounds or are disabled, LGBTQ+ and girls. Our targeted approach has proven successful thanks to our connections with previous participants, youth workers, community organisations, schools, diversity and advisory groups.

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